Is Your Mind Crowded With Worry and Fear?

Anxiety Treatment - Short Hills, NJ - Inspired Therapy

Does it seem as though there is always something causing you stress? Do you feel bogged down by fears about how things in your life – from your relationship to your career to daily errands – could go wrong? Maybe you have always thought of yourself as a “worrier” and wonder if you experience more anxious thoughts and emotions than those around you. You might struggle to focus, fully engage in tasks or accomplish your long-term goals because you end up fixated on an external stressor. Are you stifled by the belief that things just won’t work out? Have tried to relax or place yourself in calming situations, only to find that nothing alleviates your stress? Do you wish you could find a way to soothe your intense emotions, regain positive thoughts and feel calm, present and in control of your life?

Living with anxiety can be an exhausting, frustrating and painful experience. Maybe you reject opportunities, place limits on your goals and struggle to believe that things can go well. You may fear the worst-case scenario and avoid situations that trigger those concerns, such as social events, travel or work responsibilities. If you have suffered from the distressing symptoms of a panic attack – including an elevated heart rate, shortness of breath, fear and extreme nervousness– you might dread experiencing an attack in public, feel haunted by the memory of the intense panic and self-isolate in an attempt to protect yourself from going through it again. Anxiety can impact all aspects of life and prevent you from creating the relationships, career and life that you crave. 

Millions of People Struggle With Anxiety

Anxiety Treatment - Short Hills, NJ - Inspired Therapy

If you feel worn down and trapped by anxiety, you are not alone. In fact, anxiety is the most common reason why people seek counseling. However, although anxiety is extremely treatable, many people struggle with worry and dread for years before seeking help. It is very common to believe that everyone shares your experience or to try to find relief in exercise, a glass of wine or other frequently recommended forms of relaxation. You might also believe that, if you could just get rid of that big external stressor – your unpleasant job, the strain in your relationship, the mess in your house – you would feel satisfied and at ease. While some of these methods can produce temporary relief, they do not address the underlying issues at the root of anxiety.

Sometimes, anxiety is exacerbated by a fast-paced lifestyle or a particularly stressful event, transitions in life such as a move or the start of a new job. Anxiety can also stem from an individual’s genetics or personal history and development. Regardless of the way your anxiety has developed or manifests itself today, there is hope for you to feel better. With the help of a therapist who can assist you in getting to the core of your experience, you can stop fear from dictating your choices and begin feeling grounded, empowered and free to move forward in your life. 

With Anxiety Treatment, You Can Discover Your Values and Strengths

Therapy can help you address anxiety at its deepest roots and achieve sustainable, long lasting results. You can clear away the tangle of racing thoughts and unpack the complexities of your experience, cultivate a strong sense of self and identify and address needs and desires. For 25 years, I have been helping people tune-in to their true selves, cultivate meaningful self-awareness and develop new, healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges. With support and a safe, compassionate environment, you can find lasting healing and relief.

Through anxiety treatment, you can begin knowing yourself inside out. You already have the innate strength you need to embody your best self and overcome the painful cycle of worry that is keeping you stuck. In sessions, I will offer empathetic guidance as you can share your thoughts and feelings without fear, your sense of comfort and trust is very important to me. There is no-one-size-fits-all solution, and I will meet you where you are. In addition, I can call on my experience, intuition and knowledge of a variety of therapeutic techniques to help you develop the tools and skills needed to navigate stressful situations and manage distressing emotions.

You can also learn how to identify and respond to events or situations that trigger intense anxiety. Regardless of the source of your worry and fear, you can shift your perspective and feel capable of reclaiming calm before anxious thoughts and feelings take over. You don’t need to live in fear of fear.

I have seen anxiety treatment bring relief to people who have struggled with anxiety for a year, a decade or a lifetime. Although things may feel impossible or overwhelming right now, you can become grounded, confident and connected to your complete self. You can quiet the buzz of anxiety and create the life you want.  

You may believe that anxiety treatment can help you feel at ease, but still have questions or concerns...

I’ve felt this way my whole life. This is just who I am.

No matter how long you have been experiencing anxiety, if worry and fear have a negative, limiting impact on your life, it may be time to seek help. You may be shocked to discover that you are not just a “worrier” – you are a complex, capable person struggling with excessive worry. It is possible for you to become the person you want to be. By seeking anxiety treatment, you give yourself a chance to experience a level of peace, joy and calm in your life that you never knew was possible. I can help you develop the tools, strategies and techniques you need to live in a new, healthier, lighter way.

I’ve tried anxiety treatment before, and it didn’t work. 

I approach anxiety treatment in a unique way that does not rely on one cookie-cutter approach. In sessions, I draw on my 25 years of experience, proven techniques and current research to create an individualized therapy plan that best supports your personality and needs. My clients always tell me that they have never worked with a therapist like me before. I am deeply intuitive and connect with my clients on a profound level. I can help you find the methods you need to overcome anxiety and embrace life again.

I am uncomfortable talking about my anxiety.

As a therapist, I value my clients and welcome them with empathy and openness. Your comfort is paramount. As we work together, you are likely to find that your apprehension turns into ease.   Within that environment of comfort and trust we can work through any difficulty you are facing.  

You Can Feel Free and Empowered

You don’t have to let anxiety alter your life. I invite you to call me at 908-522-9439 for a free, 30-minute phone consultation. You can ask any questions you have about anxiety treatment and my practice.