Do You Feel As Though You Just Aren’t Yourself Anymore?

Depression Treatment-Short Hills, NJ-Inspired Therapy

Are you struggling to feel motivated or engaged? Does it seem as though nothing makes you feel happy or satisfied anymore, not even the things that used to be important to you? Maybe life feels hard, especially with the pressure to do well and succeed. Do you feel as though everyone else is getting what they want and you’re being left behind? Do you wish you could feel like your old, productive, happy self again?

Maybe you have to force yourself out of bed each morning and struggle to maintain balance in your career, relationships, family and other responsibilities. You might feel as though you just can’t handle everything right now.  Or, perhaps it seems as though you can’t get things to go your way. You may at times feel resentment that you don’t understand.  Maybe you are just tired of feeling as though everything in your life is a struggle.  

Many People Struggle With Depression

Depression is very common, and incidence of depression has grown in all age groups since the 1980s. This may be in part because doctors and therapists are now more attune to the signs and symptoms of depression. The American Academy of Pediatrics added depression screening to routine annual physical for children 11-21. While we have a greater awareness of how depression occurs, we are also witnessing it occur more frequently. 

Our modern life is full of pressures, both external and internal. So many of us hear that we have to follow a certain path to succeed. We’re told that we have to acquire the right things – career, family, house, car, education, etc. – and if we don’t, we haven’t worked hard enough. In addition to magazines, television and movies, we now have social media on our computers and phones. Because people are far more likely to post happy pictures and stories about their successes, social media can make it seem as though you are missing out on something that everyone else has. None of these things are objectively bad on their own, but when you begin to define yourself by external markers and feel as though you come up short, you can begin to struggle with low self-esteem, bottled frustration and other symptoms of depression. Thankfully, with help, you can learn how to release your emotions in healthy ways and feel satisfied and energized in your life again.

Depression Treatment Can Help You Feel Confident in Who You Are

For over 25 years, I have been helping people get in touch with their true selves so that they can live to their fullest potential. Connecting with your true self does not mean creating or finding a better self. Your best self is already with in you, not lost or buried. However, over the course of life, everyone encounters external influences that can lay filters over your core self that make it difficult to see clearly. But, when you are able to clear away the muck and engage in direct conversation with your core self, you can reconnect with the things that bring you the most joy and satisfaction. You can create the life that you truly want.

During our sessions, we will discuss which hobbies or activities make you feel like you are at your best, whether or not other people praise you for them. Once you have identified a pure, positive feeling of exhilaration and peace, we will work to examine which things usually get in the way of that feeling for you. You can feel grounded in the things that bring you happiness and life.

You can also become more aware of your reactions to external stimuli so that you know what makes you feel down or triggers a cycle of negative thoughts. I can help you realize that, in most cases, you can’t control the way other people are behaving or how external factors are going. Once you let go of the possibility of changing the external factors that are outside of your control, you can begin to stop allowing those external factors to impact your mood or self-worth. You can’t change what is happening on the outside, but you can change how you respond to difficulties and stressors. You can begin to feel stronger in your sense of self and stop letting the world outside dictate how you feel.

I am a compassionate, empathetic and extremely intuitive therapist who, like everyone else, has overcome difficulties in my own life. I can help you make the connections that might be difficult to see. You can come to understand your triggers, alter your reactions to them and shift your mood upward. With a greater awareness of who you really are, you can make life choices that honor your core self. You were born with all the tools that you need. During our sessions, I can help you connect to the strong, capable person that you already are. 

You may believe that depression treatment can help you find confidence and relief, but still have questions or concerns...

I’ve tried everything. I hope therapy will help, but I’m not sure it will.

I work with each of my clients as a unique individual. I do not use any cookie cutter strategies or techniques. Instead, I will meet you where you are so that we can truly work together and with what is going on in your life. I can help you unweave all of the nuances and complexities in your life so that you can have a clearer view of what is causing you pain. I have an instinctual sense of each of my clients and their unique circumstances and, during depression treatment, I can help you reconnect with the core self that exists under all of the noise and stress.

I don’t have time for therapy.

By investing some time in yourself, you can begin to enjoy a lightness and sense of confidence that you can carry throughout the rest of your week. I often find that even my most initially reluctant clients begin to look forward to the renewal and peace they feel after sessions with me. And, you may not feel the need to attend therapy for very long. Some people feel better after just a few weeks.

I also offer phone sessions and flexible scheduling so that we can figure out a system that works for you. I make it a priority to keep in touch with my clients, and you can rest assured that I will be there for you every step along the way.

All of this is too difficult to talk about.

It can be very hard to discuss the challenges in our lives. But, with help, you can stop letting external factors dictate so much control over what you feel or how you live. With depression treatment, you can change the way you receive and process information so that it does not get to you. Therapy is a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to reconnect with your innate strength. When you are in touch with yourself, you will likely find that things don’t seem as difficult anymore. 

You Can Feel Strong and Whole Again

You don’t have to accept depression as the status quo. I invite you to call me at 908-522-9439 for a free, 30-minute phone consultation. You can ask questions you have about depression and my practice.