Would you like to be guided by an experienced clinician who has encountered a broad variety of issues across different age groups?   Are you interested in working with couples, teenagers or children or with an aging population?   You probably already know that you will be a highly skilled professional and with the right supervision will meet that goal.   Are you looking for someone that can easily see your innate skills and areas of concern and guide you to your highest potential?

Would it help if your supervisor could be flexible about appointment times and hours so that you could ensure that requirements are met? 


These are all the issues you can resolve during your supervision with me.  I am passionate about my work and sharing my talent with new professionals so that they can find their passion in this field.  I am adept at teaching new concepts and refining what is already understood so that greater ease and comfort is gained when working with clients.


I remember my years as a new clinician and my eagerness to be the best I could possibly be.  Those years were exciting and sometimes stressful developing new clinical skills.  I enjoyed learning what came easily and was equally eager to refine skills I needed to develop to be an experienced and well rounded professional.   I wanted to learn as much as possible about all the fascinating areas of this work.  It all seemed so new and exciting and sometimes a bit daunting!  Good supervision was vital to this process.


I also remember supervision.  I had some excellent supervision and some very poor supervision.  The value of the exceptional supervision was immeasurable.  The disappointment when it was poor was disheartening.  I knew the difference and unfortunately the supervisors that were not good did not know they were poor instructors.  Perhaps in some cases they were not acutely aware of their own clinical skills.  It never helped when they couldn’t offer instruction or productive guidance.  It made me appreciate the good supervision all the more.  I still have a clear  memory of an incredibly  skilled supervisor and how easily she led me to my inherent potential.  She made an enormous impact on my career during those early and sometimes vulnerable years. 


I enjoy teaching and it’s a skill that comes naturally.  For me teaching is more about explaining something in terms that are easily understood and recognizing when the concepts are integrated.  It’s a gentle back and forth process and one I find incredibly gratifying.  I love to share my knowledge and skills.  I am very good at what I do and when I share that and collaborate with other professionals the whole process is stimulating.  In this collaboration we create a result that helps our clients in a profound way.  The additional result of contributing to the talent of new colleagues is quite a privilege. 


If you would like to discuss supervision and your needs as a growing professional call me at 201-988-1001 and we can discuss your future.  No matter where your supervision takes you I hope you find what you are seeking in learning new skills and I wish you the best of success in your career!